Balloon Garlands To-Go

Super Quick, Easy, & Affordable Garlands-To-Go

Our Grab & Go Balloon Garland is our most budget-friendly option. We make it, you pick it up, and we include everything you will need to install a gorgeous garland! It’s as easy as tying your shoes!


Pricing starts as low as $88!


  • Custom colored balloons
  • Pre-built garland for you
  • Durable, high quality balloons
  • Super easy garland install kit
  • How-to-hang instructional video
  • Edmond & OKC Pickup locations
  • Multiple sizes available

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Balloon Garland-To-Go?

Simple: We make you a custom balloon garland, you pick it up! We give you what you need to install your balloons – it’s as easy as tying your shoes!

How do I hang my balloon garland?

It’s easy! We will provide you with an easy-install kit which includes the supplies needed to mount or hang your balloon. We also include a handy QR code which takes you straight to an instructional video for hanging your balloon garland.

Where do I pick up my balloon garland?

We have a pick-up location in Edmond and in Oklahoma City!

How long do the garlands last?

As long as they are in an air conditioned (or heated in winter) climate and out of direct sunlight, the balloons will typically remain in great condition for several weeks. Most people pick up their balloons a few days before their event.

What’s the best way to dispose of my balloons?

Just pop ’em and throw them away! Our balloons are 100% biodegradable. The fastest way to pop a bunch of balloons is with a sharp knife or thumbtack.

How soon should I order my Garland-To-Go?

As early as possible! The earlier you get on our calendar the better! This gives us enough time to nail down your design & receive all the supplies we need! Don’t forget – there is a balloon shortage right now.

What colors are available?

Here’s our current color chart!

Will you use the balloons I purchased?

Unfortunately, no. We do our best to ensure a quality end product, and only work with professional-grade balloons that we have purchased and properly stored.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Garlands-To-Go are paid in advance and are made for you in advance, so we are unable to provide refunds upon cancellations. However, if you have a change of plans please let us know as we can sometimes accommodate a change, but it is not guaranteed.

I’m ready to order – now what?

Awesome! Click here to get started.