3 Ways To Prevent The Balloon Shortage From Ruining Your Event

I bet this comes as no big surprise to you – there is a balloon shortage. Toilet paper, chicken & balloons, oh my! Are manufacturers really running out of balloons? Well, not exactly, but it can be a little tricky to get just what you want.

BUT! Don’t lose heart! Here are 3 ways you and your balloon decorator can help each other overcome this obstacle.

1. Contact your balloon decorator ASAP!

This is the single-most important way to work through the balloon shortage. Contacting your balloon decorator as early as possible gives you both time to nail down your design, and it allows plenty of time for your balloon decorator to order all the balloons, in your preferred colors, in advance.

Whether you’re needing a simple balloon garland, or a custom balloon arch, or a bunch of balloon columns for a corporate event – reach out to your professional balloon decorator right away! (If you’d like to work with me you can find my inquiry form here.)

2. Be flexible

No, I don’t mean yoga stretches. What I’m advocating for is flexibility in the color and/or theme of your design. There are hundreds of shades of balloons – give your professional balloon installer the gift of flexibility in selecting colors! A quality balloon decorator knows how to both match and come-close-to-matching your preferred colors. You can trust them to be on your side. A little flexibility over color choice may just save everyone’s sanity!

3. Prepare yourself for higher shipping costs for exact color matches

This one isn’t as fun, but it’s true. The more precise your colors must be, the more likely your balloon decorator will need to purchase from multiple vendors (and if it’s a rushed order those shipping fees go sky high!) Be understanding that these extra shipping fees may be incurred. But, on a positive note, you’ll be more likely to have that exact shade of blue you’ve been dreaming of…not always a bad thing!

Balloon shortage, boo. Working together and still having a great final product, YAY! We can do this….together!